New dj site

heres another site im working on its a site for dj not finish yet but loved to hear feedbacks thanks a lot guys rock on hehe

Great site! But wheres the link? :wink:

**** stupid me here you go sorry

pretty professional, better than alot of stuff u can see around, i like the where is tonedeath thingo to

thanks lol its not tonedeath lol its tonedepth and his in montreal thanks a lot

Aw a site for me… Thx man.

Lol j/k. Oops fogot to look at the site…:stuck_out_tongue:


It’s tonedepth right? In the where is tonedepth box on the main page it says “where is tonedeth right now?”

i really like the site, could do with a bit of colour IMO…tonedeaf is really gonna like it!

ops must do spellin check tnx for all of your feedbacks