New Footer

Like My New Footer?

OoOps! Sorry It Should Show Up Now

pretty kewl, try mkaing a hit spot for the final text.

hit spot?


oh yeah…please

The “hit spot” for any button is located on the fourth frame of that button. It dictates where a mouse needs to be to interact with the button script. If it is left blank, then the button defaults it’s hit spot to where ever there is graphical content in the first frame. Hence, when you try to click on that replay button, it only allows you to click on it, if you are specificaly over the text itself… instead of just the general area of the text.

applause super explination :slight_smile:

I Think Thats My Best Footer I Ever Made…I Made A LOT! But Had To Decide Which One To Post!

do what i do and just create a whole mess of them and have them randomly load. ive only made 2 so far but i plan on making more.


It Changed Automatically Back To ‘Scripts Are Not Allowed’
It Should Be Here Now

BTW: I’ve Seen More Than 2, VTS, I Think…?