New Footer

Tell me what you think please :slight_smile: I pretty sure it hasnt been done before… And I kinda like it :stuck_out_tongue:


not really funny…and it’s a little edgey…meh


I don’t really like it, but it would look a little better if you could use a font similar to the one in the real Start menu.

i dont like it, i think you can produce much better footers than this…and ur ‘f’ is kinda distorted…and it looks like a broken pic beside ur footer

Ok… Fixing in progress… (bear in mind I did that at 1 in the mornin lol… it looked so good now, but now i can see the jagged edges and all :() Well cheers for the coments chappies, and i’ll be sure to make a better one :slight_smile:

not enough to start a new thread imo

There is also a broken image next to the green start-like thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah im sorry guys :frowning: Next time I’ll make sure its almost life changing before posting a new thread…

hehe - it’s all cool :stuck_out_tongue: We just like to mess around with members sometimes.