>New Guy In Town<

I know i know… you guyz probably will be like “oh god here comes another newbie” … Well i am very sry to disappoint u.
Just here to get the boost i need…
Ofcourse i have a questions that need to be answered…but… i will start with one for today… i guess. :lol: … well if u think you can answer answer away!
(oh god i talk to much!) Question 1: Since i am New in Flash Like i didn’t exsist in Flash world before today i would like to know if u can help me get Started up on the basics… So Can anyone help me? (No Tutourials ever came through so don’t suggest one)

:smiley: ** THANKS IN ADVANCE **:smiley:

Comon Folks how hard is it to help a fellow in need :wink:
|I :frowning: FOR GOD SAKE HELP ME!!! :frowning: |I


Have you tried the basic tutorials on this site: www.kirupa.com/developer/…/basic.asp

Just pick one of the tutorials at random or start from the one at the top and work your way down. The best way to get comfortable in flash is to get your hand dirty via tutorials.

Did you even try the tutorials of this site ?

pom 0]

what do you need help with dude?

Ok, heres the deal. The best way to learn Flash is to (drum roll please…) <font size=6 color=blue>DO THE TUTORIALS!!!</font>

Do all the basic tutorials, and if you get stuck then ask questions on the board. From the basic tutorials move up to the more advanced. Its the only way to learn. You aren’t gonig to pick up Flash one day and then turn around and create an exact replica of the game Black & White in Flash the next day. It doesn’t work that way. It takes time, patience, and determination. SOrry to disappoint you.

Oh, and another thing. You waited 30 minutes before reposting. Be patient on these boards. We all live our own lives and these boards come second to us. We all work for a living besides helping people that have questions. This is, IMO, the best and fastest to respond forums for Flash related questions on the Web. and you get very comprehensive and thurough answers. We will get around to answering your question, however we are all busy with our own lives and we all live in different time zones, so again, just be patient and polite and we are more than willing to help you in whatever we can.

and check out this post:


here today, gone tamale-

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or as Peter Gabriel would say;
‘Theres no reply at all, no reply at all…’

I understand Jubba’s sentiments. Engineerman I hope you don’t think this board to be anti-newbie. It is quite the contrary - many a newbie have come and aspired to full-fledged flasher, including myself. It’s just really frustrating for us when newbies come to this board and expect a personal flash trainer for free without lifting a finger themselves. Also, it’s hard to answer such a question, be more specific. So I ask you: what exactly have you done thus far with Flash? Have you opened it? What tools have you explored and what tutorials have you tried?

Ok So i will start off as Usuing the totourials… And Wont post 2 message one after another (as the rules says) and i will ask when i get any prob.

I have learned somewhat of the basics… errr…i think… ummm I learned almost all tools and the arrow tools gives me probs… like what is the differece if i need just an arrow to move the object? (turns out one moves the object core and the other moves the object vertises… :lol: … Ok not funny |I

So i’ll get back to the forums and Ask questions if have any from the totourials i am gonna use right now (the basics first)

So thx all for posting replys!

P.s. My E-mail is [email protected] Add me to your msn if ya like to chat or help :smiley: I am very funny at some point… some time i am dead… thinks and thinks mor… and thinks about how he should SHUT UP now…

Ok Thx again! and bye!
---- Plz Don’t reply anymore on this post i want this post to die and go to the bottom of files piles :smiley: so no one ever knows when i was a newbie—
takes out a MIB pen… “now sir…” Puts on sun glasses “Bye…” heehhe

Finally I will shut up as some… well… most of u would like me to do… so… Call me * ** SHAK ** * if u guyz don’t mind instead of Engineer Man… (its like calling some one a Human when they actually have a name |I :slight_smile: :smiley: )

Welcome Shak!


tomarrow in the evening my site should be up. Read my introduction to Flash essays. It will help.

Sorry I can’t assure when it will be up, my server is screwed up right now.

Hey Ups-
Long time no see. What did you elope?


I took a four day vaca to my Father’s house in Buffalo. It’s a hell of a drive, but I always enjoy myself when I’m up there. It was a graduation party for my little sister… She’s a teacher!..

Well, good to see ya back! Hey, how har is it to set up the free ez boards? I must know soon…Ima curious guy on that one.


Well since it’s free - why don’t you just dive in and see what you find? Just be careful - dangerous amounts of pop-ups ahead. Yes, I was wondering about those beginner tuts upu - I’m positive those will be a lot of help for a lot of people.

oh god here comes another newbie…