New intro

this is a new intro that i have created as a self promo piece. the site that you inter into after is old and in the proccess of being trashed. the intro loads kinda slow with low band width, i am still working on streaming the sound. shouldn’t take to long to fix that. also i know that the pics sit there a litle to long…i’ll fix that and upload soon.

please tell me what you think of the new intro.

Looks pretty sweet, I like the transitions!

thanks, dan.

Wow, that is nice. I like the jumpy text effect. I have seen a lot of those effects, but something about yours struck my eye. I think it is because it reminded me of a sound wave type thing, which matched your music well.

The transistions were great too.

Keep up the good work:)

INTRO KICKS!! Loved the site also. Congrats on some awesome work…Aloha / Atomic Punk

love the intro - really fun to watch… and of course I love the music (dieselboy rocks!)…


Yes, dieselboy does rock. Dieselboy and Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) rule the world!