New Laptop


My T400s is in Austin, but I have to wait until Monday for it to be delivered. Ooh, currently I’m running on a P4 with less than a gig of ram. My super light browser, even on Linux (which everybody can agree, is about as efficient as it gets), takes 18 seconds to startup (and it does that for every link from an external program), so I’m pretty excited for modern hardware.



[list][]2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
]4 GB (1 GHz) DDR3 RAM
[]128 GB SSD
]5.5 hr battery life, with 3 more if/when I swap out the optical drive
[]DVD-RW (duh)
[]5-in-1 card reader
]Fingerprint reader
[]Combo USB/eSATA port (neato!)
]“Powered” USB port, which powers devices even when the machine is off
[]Ultranav, which includes the trackpad and the nav stick thing (little red dot in the keyboard, which is apparently really cool)
]Hardware for 3G, if I ever want it
[]WiMax/WiFi card
]Physical camera
[]Dual microphones
]TRRS headphone jack (which means it can do microphone and headphones in the same port, like the cool new ports in the Pre/iPhone)
[]Windows Vista Business (free upgrade to 7, when it comes out)
]14.1" screen
[]0.83" thick (c.f. MBP, 0.95")
]3.92 lb (c.f. MBP, 5.5 lb)[/list]