New M-Audio AudioPhile 192, E-Keys 49, Alto AMX-100 Mixer

Im a very happy person…I finally saved up enough to buy a new high-quality soundcard, a new touch sensitive (finally!!) USB MIDI keyboard, and a 2 bus Mixer…Got it all at a very reasonable price of $600 AUS.

BUT…my ■■■■■■ CPU fan is stuffed, and the supplier is taking their sweet time getting a replacement, so I havent had the chance to test out my stuff yet

:fight: :fight: :fight: :m: :m: :m: :{ :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

■■■■ technology.

PS - I now have 2 things left to buy, a software studio (FL Studio 5), and some stereo studio monitors. FL will cost me $390 AUS, so I am unable to spend much more on monitors…any suggestion for monitors that are really good for a very reasonable price?