New pc (buyer guide)

I want to get the best spec for price, though not over spend. HD space is daft, I have a 250HD with 170 (3/4 free)

Biggest I run is DVD, 3dmax, maybe video editting. (I don’t game too much)

For example

£679 Dell: 2.4Quad, 3G-ram, 500HD, 512-Ati
(I suspect this is over kill, but I still like the idea)

£549 Dell: 3.0Dual,3G-ram,320HD,256-Ati (slim line 10cm wide)
(best dual-slim line I could find)

any views?

I have a screen,keyboard and mouse, so if I could just buy a base unit…

I’m happy with 250HD, and use the money I save to have more ram/better processor.

thanks for any input.