New PinkFloyd Footer/Sig!

Hey guys,
what do you think, I love it becuase it’s simple, and as mdipi told me, minimalistik.

Yeah, it looks cool:) I just got myself a footer too:)

I love pink floyd, anything we can do would be great

Lol thanks, I love it too!
And slum, you have a sick mind man, molest a child!? Haha :lol:

Thanks… i guess… :slight_smile: lol

[ot]**molested as a child?

Holy cry for attention batman!


I like it grinch. Nice work.


^^Yes, it’s a cry for attention. The batman part i didn’t get though.

Thanks guys, pink floyd rocks!

It’s awesome, but none of the white space inbetween the black borders are equal sizes… is it supposed to be like this?

I noticed the same thing, what’s up with that?

Sorry I was rushing, just fixed it. better?

um… a bit but their’s still whitespace… perhaps have the shadow be white and the black fill the whole space?

Ugh, I’m going to fix it. Hold on

Ok now? I like it better

Ok Now?!?!

much better, I like it now

Yes! Thanks!

i like it grinch, nice job. I loved your diet coke one the most out of all your sigs but this ones real cool. :thumb: