New Project! Any Volunteers?


I wanna make a guestbook for my site with flash!

I want it to sort each 10 entries into a seperate page.

And i want it to display the entries in the flash, even when it gets new ones.

In other words. i want it to automatically put the entries on the flash…

Is this possible? Can any one show me how? Can any one MAKE on for me?

Do i need to show you the code for the form? like the cgi-bin?

Woo Hooo!!! over 130 views by me!!!

It is possible. I don’t know how though, I have not yet worked with Flash combined with PHP/mySQL, which is what you will need to know.

If you don’t know enough about AS, PHP and mySQL, building and maintaining this may be a bit difficult.

You can download that at (or Flashkit).
4 times “i want” in the same post… i want lost of things too…
How about “please”?..

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