New Puppy!

That is one cute puppy!! :love: Good thing you’ve got another border collie to tire the puppy out because Ares is going to keep you running for awhile!

My little cutie pup (aussie shepherd lab mix) is growing up FAST! He is going on 5 months and I swear he doubled in size the 2 weeks we were in Rome. But he mellowed a lot too (thankfully).

Enjoy the puppyhood while it lasts!

*edit: oh yeah, and the next kitten we get is going to be called fuzzbot because my guy thinks cats are weird fuzzy creatures . . . :panda:

Make sure you DO NOT feed him sprite.

I’m serious, unless you want to see a massive amount of gas coming out in both directions :pleased:.

Hah hah, my sister threw a party once and her dog snuck into the kitchen and gulped down a pound of cheese. An hour later the sounds and smells coming out of the dog chased away all the guests . . . :lol:

That musta been a smell for sore noses :thumb:…er nevermind.

But dogs that eat the wrong stuff come out looking and smelling the wrong way.

It’s been 5 months lunatic?!
Wow, time sure flies! Glad to see everything is going well! I love dogs!

I actually can’t wait until the little guy gets bigger. The two are having a tough time playing right now. Ares wants to play, but can’t keep up with Willow. I’d love to see more recent pictures of your pup, lunatic. Also, I hope you had a GREAT time in Rome!!! Did you get your new camera on time for the trip?

Sharif, don’t worry, no sprite for the puppy, pure Canadian Beer or nothing :beer:


You guys know what happens if you feed alka-seltzer to pigeons don’t you :pleased:?

No I never done it!


Am I the only one that would like the puppys to remain puppys? (i.e. not growing)
If dogs were like that, I’d buy one instantly.

I want one of those! soo cute =)