New to Actionscript: How do I view my array code?

Hi Folks,

I have done programming before, but I am new to Actionscript in Flash. My question may sound elementary but I will appreciate an answer please.

I open a new Flash document and in the Actionscript panel, to creat an array of seasons I entered the code below.

var seasons:Array = [“Winter”, “Summer”, “Autumn”, “Springs”];

I checked it an it says the code contains no error. But when I clicked on the Test Movie button, nothing happens. I got just a blank page.

Do I need to add more code to it to be able to see something? If yes, please could you complete it for me or advise me on how to do it.

In Java programming for example, if I create an array like this I would have to add a few more lines of code to be able to access the array and view the results. How would you do that in Flash Actionscript?

Thanks in advance.