New to board and frames

Hello everyone from sunny Melbourne, before I go any further heartfelt sorry for the WTC. One hopes that such a tragic event will bring all people closer together over time.

Ok-frames, I have submitted my plea for help in the Beginners Front Page book forum, could someone clever have a look and give me a hand, or a bucketful of help. I am sure I am being dim, but after a longtime of trying I realized I needed help in a big way. I do understant almost all the basics of frames, but the adding of extra frames within the frameset has stumped me.
I am sure I will enjoy this board, have read through and it looks interesting and friendlly.
See no big signature file, [have’nt started on Flash as yet]

Hey peta,
I’m glad you find this board interesting and friendly! I replied to your post under FrontPage 2002: ABG.