New to Flash

I a really very very new to Flash. However I am tring to create non stop running sort of " gallery" in the middle of white screen.

It will consist of 5 black/white pictures. Size 10px4px each.

How do you do this? Smoothnly, slow and nicely :frowning:

thanks you ver much.

Something like that?

Yes! Exactly… I will try to see if I am getting into it… :slight_smile:


Ok, everything seems to be working just by the end my loop is “jumping” between last picture and first one. I centered them both als Add “Go to and Play Action” but it still not smooth…

help please!

There’s an option for attaching files to your posts. Please provide a copy of the FLA you’re currently working on. It could be helpful.

here is the file…

i want it go smoothly non stop from last image to the first one.

thanks guys!

Well, I’m not sure you read the tute correctly :slight_smile:

ok… I did a rework on it. Should be what you’re looking for.

There are a couple of ways of solving it, but if you’re new to Flash, this, I think, is the easiest of the bunch.

Note, I added an artificial mask layer so that when you’re doing testing you can see where the edges of the stage are located. Also, I changed the action script a little. I don’t know why you were using
but you can just use
gotoAndPlay(1); and it will work.
In this case, I’m actually jumping the play head twice… the first frame’s action script sends it to frame 28, then again, when it loops. I think you’ll understand why when you see what I did.

for the record… I like ilyaslamasse’s method better. (it was one of those other methods I mentioned)

thanks guys very very very much.

I just started Flash a few days ago… and it is very frustrating… i am bad at numbers and I know I will never ever get ActionScrip it is beyond my understanding…
(Who know things might change, though…)

I just need this “running” gallery as openning for site…

thanks a lot again. You made my day! :slight_smile: