New to LoadVars, Confused with POST/GET

Just getting my feet wet with LoadVars by passing variables to PHP with: (mysql on windows 03 server)

var myVars:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); = 21;
myVars.hit = 99;
myVars.send("http://local/updateHit.php", "_self", "POST");

My PHP code:

include_once("include/core.php");   /*DB connections, etc */

$id = $_POST["id"]; 
$hit = $_POST["hit"];  
$stmt = "UPDATE my_table SET hit = ". $db->Quote($hit) . " WHERE id = $id ";

if ( !$db->Execute($stmt))
    echo $db->ErrorMsg();

However, test running this shows that flash is calling it as
so the script does not work unless I change the $_POST to $_GET (and that works) …umm I’m confused, I thought I specified “POST” in my AS?


Edit : Umm I realized I should be testing it in the browser :d: