New to working with classes - arrgh!

i’ve written some classes (real simple ones in AS3), i need to write a class (AS2) and for some reason i can’t get my brain around why this isn’t working…

import mx.transitions.easing.*;
import mx.transitions.Tween;

class com.npeg.util.SlideShow
		private var fileToLoad:String;
		private var frontClip:MovieClip
		private var backClip:MovieClip
		private var timer:Number
		private var fadeTimer:Number
		function SlideShow(xmlFile, frontClip, backClip, timer, fadeTime)
 			fileToLoad = xmlFile;
			frontClip = frontClip;
			backClip = backClip;
			timer = timer;
			fadeTime = fadeTime;
			trace("xmlFile: "+xmlFile+" frontClip: "+frontClip+" backClip: "+backClip+" timer: "+timer+" fadeTime: "+fadeTime);
		private function parseXML()
			trace("parse function called");
		private function loadXML()
			var xmlToLoad:String = xml;
			var xml:XML = new XML();
					trace("XML LOADED");
					//handle xml load error here
			}//end .onLoad function
}//end class

why can’t the loadXML function call the parseXML function? they are both private functions within the class no? parseXML function will not trace out…