New topic query ever asked......!

How to develop a interface that lets the user choose among several different SWF files , do i need to develop different scenes or different SWF files and write some actionscript to link them.should i do something like having one main swf file and from which i load another swf file according to the user choice.please help me as how i should start

WHAT is the user choosing by making his choice, a different background, different content, sound etc etc, or what? Depends…

the user is choosing a different movie clip for each selection.once it completes its timeline it should return back to the main movie clip.i think i have to do it with loadMovie and unloadMovie actions.can anyone explain with sample code please…!

targetswf = “myfunkybackground.swf”;

action to initiate the loadMovie:


this assuming some kind of “control panel” type interface where you choose options and then press ok. so initially you just set variables, and then once it’s initiated, you actually load the movies.


where do u write/paste this code? on the frame where the button is located or the first frame of the swf file that is being loaded?

this command will load whatever “targetswf” has been set to into _level1. where you put it is up to you. perhaps in a submit button of some some nature…

be sure to set “targetswf” before this code is executed.

for testing purposes, put it in a button of it’s own. that way you can execute it at your discretion and see what it does.

so can i put the loadMovieNum(targetswf,1)
right after the on(release){blah blah blah}
on the same button?

you betcha

onRelease() will perform everything you put inside it’s {}'s…