New Video iPod & TV Shows in iTunes Store

New Video iPod & Downloadable TV Shows from iTunes Store!!

It’s official. At an event in San Jose Wednesday, Apple ended months of speculation by introducing the first generation video-enabled iPod, moving the company into the portable media center space. The new iPod will sport a 2.5-inch TFT display and stays in the familiar form factor used by its predecessors.The 320x240 pixel display supports only 260,000 colors, but does include a video-out jack for hooking the iPod up to a TV. Real-time decoding of MPEG-4 and H.264 video content is supported. Apple is releasing the video iPod in two models: a 30GB version for $299 USD and a 60GB version for $399 USD. Both models are thinner than the current 20GB iPod and include a case to prevent scratching.

Apple is expanding its iTunes Store beyond just music and videos into the realm of television show downloads. The Cupertino company has secured a deal with Disney to offer shows from ABC including Desperate Housewives, Nightstalker, The Suite Life, and Lost for $1.99 per episode.Five TV shows will be available initially for purchase and playback on a computer or new video iPod. Each episode will come in a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The lack of downloadable legal content has plagued competitors’ devices, but Apple’s moves on Wednesday show the company was ready to put its marketing muscle behind the new video iPod.

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Very interesting, The fact you can buy TV shows & watch them is pretty sweet, Im not an iPod fan but would love to get one just to have LOST with me 24/7!!