New website!

Hi Guys,

We just uploaded our Site at [color=#22229c][/color]

I just graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design (C-md) and between looking for a job and building my portfolio, I started a little project called Styletax. This project is a t-shirt design competition (very much like threadless). High scoring designs will be printed and sold, the designers get 1 euro per shirt sold, and one shirt of the entire stock in the catalogue.

Before people are going to say that there are other sites with this principle, I just want to say that the existing sites are almost all located in the united states, with high shipping fees for us at the other side of the ocean and the shirts are not that good quality. With Styletax I’m going to give people a European alternative and keep the price as low as possible while maintaining a very high quality.

Well that’s what the site is about, please go check it out and tell me what you think. And if there are things, You think I should improve please don’t hesitate to tell me :slight_smile: