New windows in Flash -- flash begginer

I was looking at the tutorial on this website and it worked just fine. My question is if I have multiple buttons on a flash page and I wasn it to open different windows that are different sizes and contain different html pages, how would I go about doing that?

I’m fairly new to this Flash stuff so if anyone can help break this down for me, I would appreciate it.


Put this on your button:
on (release) {
getURL(“”, “_blank”);

Thank you very much.
Your coding answered my question but now I have a new question that has been raised.
The 2 buttons both opened different html pages which is what I wanted, but they open as a full screen window. What I would like for them to do is open up into pop-up windows. I would like each of them to have different dimensions, ie: the first window should be about width=500, height=400 and the second window about width=200,height=250. I also would like to make the windows so that they can not be resized and also to where there is no scrollbars and no menu bar.
If you could lend me your expertise again on this issue now, that would be much appreciated. And thanks again for the first tip.

and for a cooler looking window:

doesnt work in firefox