New work, check it:


comments are always more than welcome. thanks.

I like it ALL…
Simple is good for what u r trying to say.
ppl have a tendancy to “juice up” sites that are meant to be informative. Good to see you are getting to the point with out
$&%t bouncing around all over the place. Nice transitions and

I really like it! great photography as well!
mm, it’s a nice smooth site… is thee going to be more information though? it seems a bit empty at the moment. the only problem i could find is on the ‘shows’ page - you need to increase the height of the textbox or movieclip or whatever it is, because at the moment…

ooooooooo! I’ve just worked it out. there’s a scrollbar. I totally didnt notice that - you need to make it so you can see the scrollbar, so that it’s obvious that it scrolls - I thought the text had just been cut in half lol! - that scrollbar (if you can call it that… really it’s just bar) shows no indication of movement, or any indiction of where you are in the text…

that needs fixing, but great site apart from that!

pop up window is way too big…

I like it

liam: what makes you say that, just curious…?

asphalt cowboy: did the navigation really appear that hidden, i actually like the idea of a simple bar for a scroller… maybe if i added arrows to promote the idea of direction?

thanks for the comments.

no need for arrows, just a small coloured bar that actually scrolls or something. as I understand it, at the moment, the scrollbar is completely static and spans the full height of the textfield?

One question. Why the pop up?

It’s a really nice site, but I’m not convinced about the need for a whcking great pop up. It tends to annoy a lot of people - if we want a new window, we’ll open one… :slight_smile:

But overall a good job.

I got a full screen pop-up. No need for that since the site doesn’t even fill up half of my screen. Just put it on a normal page.

well from my perspective the use of white space helps to balance and bring attention to the very uniform center of the movie… i think to say “if we wanted a new window we would open one” is a tad unproffesional, the fact is the SITE “requires” a new window for what we are trying to achieve, what out client is trying to achieve… this is my perspective, however I can def. understand what you are saying.

also what resolution is everyone viewing this at?

im looking at 1200x1024

And if a user wants to bookmark a page inside that pop up? There’s no toolbars or anything for them to do that.

I’m trying to be a devils advocate here… There a lot of users out there who immediately close any site that launches in a pop up. That’s why I like sites that offer a choice - so it’ll say that for the best experience, launch a pop up, but for those who don’t like them launch in the current window…

i really like it but the scroll bar thing, you should have it be draggable, i didnt think of clicking, infact i thought that they were idle, nothing to do. but otherwise i really like it!

ya perhaps i will touch up the scroll bars a tad more… add a little more movement.

the choice idea as far as window size/pop up is probally also a good idea, i’ll look into implementing that when i get a chance.

thanks guys.
keep the critique coming!

Well, see this is where my window pops up:

so I have to move it into position in order to view it correctly. I understand that your client wants the pop-up but I, personally, would attempt to move them away from it. Your site is so small that a full screen pop-up like that isn’t necessary, but its your work, just my comments…

Kits idea seems pretty good as well. Viewers like to have a choice in what they view…

jubba… thats really strange. the java used to pop up the window is supposed to center the window/make the window a little smaller than the view screen.

what operating system/browser are viewing under?

windows and thats avant which is basically IE.

jubba i was just going to say that.

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