Newb Help - Timeline Vs Script

Hi all.

This is my first post so I will try to make a good impression on the community I am asking for help from :smiley:

I have a project due in about a months time: My client is having an AGM (Annual General Meeting for the acronym deprived) and they want to use flash for the presentation. Basically this will be more or less a reel that will loop, play some music, show some bullet points and tween some images, and hopefully leave everyone feeling good about working at their company. It’s basically a highly glorified powerpoint presentation.

Now. My background is in web development, but I have been doing more and more flash lately, starting about 7 months ago. I have built other presentations like this in the timeline, and it’s always a HUGE pain to do so; any changes means inserting frames, or removing them, being careful not to wreck anything… for someone who is used to the clean environment of code, it’s a nightmare. My lack of experience probably isn’t helping much either.

So I go online and I find out about FuseKit, Tweener etc… and I started using Fuse for some things but it doesn’t seem to mesh well with creating a VERY long presentation.

We’ve also decided to move up to flash 9 / AS3 for this project, so I have an opportunity, and am at a crossroads. Do I

A) give up my quest to find a nice, clean script-driven approach and grit my teeth through another timeline or
B) shoulder on and try to find a way write all this in code.

This is where you come in. I am interested to know if anyone has tried to tackle this particular problem before. All I have found so far that seems to be akin to what I am doing is sliderocket ( and that’s in a private beta.

If anyone has some links they can point me to that breaks down the process I would be very grateful!