Newbie needing tips

I have a small site I’m recreating in Flash. It’s my first Flash job (other than an intro page), and I haven’t even touched Flash since version 4, so please bear with me! As you can imagine, I’m basically teaching myself as I go… I can’t afford the courses or anything like that at this time, so I’m counting on you! :slight_smile:

This site has several pages (about a dozen). I’m trying to decide the most efficient way of linking the various pages, and what to do about navigation.

First, about navigation. Should the menu bar be it’s own movie that I load into the top of each page? (I hope I said that correctly)

Then, when you click on a button, load the movie for the respective page?

I suspect this is awfully vague, I hope yoru answers will help me formulate the questions better. Thanks!