Newbie Needs Help, Please Help! :)

Hey KirupaForum :slight_smile:
Well, my friends and I have decided it was time to move on from just graphics and time to start making video games! We are working on are first project and we have come to a stuck! Please help!
My question
How do I make turn into when I click the RIGHT arrow key? (The second picture is of him walking, because of right now, he is gliding on two feet) (Both pictures enlarged by 40%)

Also, I’ve tried 200+ times to find a wall collision script that works, and I have not yet been able to find one that works with my game =

If someone possibly could give me the simplest and shortest wall collision script that would be more than appreciated.

Please download attachments if pictures do not show!

Any tries would be more than appreciated! ty :slight_smile: and those who do help (maximum of 5) will be listed as a “Special Thanks Programmer” (meaning you helped) this game! (sorry no money will be given, for all games will be freeware) (If you would like to be listed as as programmer when you have helped us, Please use your real name.) Just a first name will do (If your concerned about having your identity stolen). If you need the .FLA file in order to help us with our problems, don’t hesistate to tell us! Ty!

Here is a FLA, if someone could download it and edit it to where the character moves from the first position to the 2nd, and fixes it to where there is a wall collision that would be so appreciated and you will be acknowledged for your help!

Whoa… Your fla is a little off, so here’s something I put together for ya:

Thanks el pooter, if you want to be listed as a Special Thanks Programmer, please state your first name and an optional last name!

No credit needed. I just help out :b: .

Also, I saw the wall collision, but I wasn’t able to find the wall collision code, could you possibly copy and paste it?

sure, here it is:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    if (_root.limits.hitTest(getBounds(_root).xMax, _y, true)) {
        this._x -= 3;
        //this says that he is hitting the wall//
    if (_root.limits.hitTest(getBounds(_root).xMin, _y, true)) {
        this._x += 3;
        //this says that he is hitting the wall//

ahh thanks man… its great to see people helpin one another… the way it should be… its hard to find those ppl nowadays… thx!

Your welcome! :hugegrin: