Newbie needs help with multiple swfs

I am using a program called wildfx pro to generate little text effect .swfs The idea here was to use this wildfxpro deal to make like 10 or 20 little one-line ‘tag-lines’ that I can then place into a FLASH MX file and play over a header on a website.

Everytime I try to import the individual .swf files into the new FLASH document, it doesnt work right. I am a flash retard(admitting is half the problem…isnt it?)

Can anyone tell me, or point me in the direction to where I can learn how to do this? Every link I follow talks about loading into a movie, adding a button, blh blah blah. I dont want a button, I would like the individual movies to play back to back. As one ends, the other begins…that kind of thing.

Any help you could get me would be appreciated greatly. my email is [email protected] or post an answer here…I am in a bind, and losing sleep!


thanks a million