Newbie! Problem when movie ends...move to URL

Hi Folks…

I am very new here and also very new to Flash MX. Please be patient! :wink:

I am experiencing a bit of difficulty with one step. I have created my Flash movie intro and when the movie finishes playing, I want to direct the browser to move to the main page of the website.

I figured that I would go to the Actions frame and under Browser/Network select “get URL” and paste in the URL that I would want it to move to.

However, when I view the movie online…this doesn’t happen. I get a strange attachment on the end of my url with a /NaN instead of the page I specified it to go to in the Actions frame.

oh well…if anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thx very much!

Paul G.

I need to see the code you used.

the error you are getting /NAN means, Not A Number, therefore, it cannot interpret which page you’re trying to reach.

I need to see your code before helping you further. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thankyou for replying! I appreciate it.

Would it be the code in the Flash program itself?

This would be what I put in under the action panel in the script…

Or do you need the actual code from the webpage?

Let me know what I need to do when you get a chance:)

Thx again!

Paul G.

do you have http:// in front of the www?

Actually no…now that you mention it.

When I put the http:// in front…what ends up happening is when I check the script with checkmark icon it shows that I have an error.

Any ideas?

Any help is appreciated!

Thx everyone!

Paul G.

you must put quotation marks in there:


or new win


[email protected]

Thankyou very much, Travis!!!

Actually, before you posted and verified my error I checked in the MX tutorials under the button/URL scripting and found my problem.

Again though, thankyou for replying and verifying it. Everything is working fine now!

This is a great forum and a fantastic site!

Paul G.