Newbie question re: sending email from Flash using PHP

Hello all,

I’m trying to set up an option on my website such that an email is sent using Flash and PHP. Per the tutorial on this site, I’ve got everything set up such that it works fine when calling the .swf file directly from the browser, or if I embed the .swf file in an html file and call it from the browser.

However, my goal was to call this .swf file from within a frame of another .html file. The reasoning behind this was to keep my webpage’s URL constant in the browser’s address bar regardless of what page was being viewed (IE, the address bar will always say instead of [url=“”] or [url=“”], etc). With this implementation, I can not get the Flash and PHP scripts to send the email.

I think the problem is related to the PHP script not being able to report back to the server due to some confusion between the top frame and the frame from which the actual loadVariables call was made (though this is really just a blind theory). I have the webpage structured essentially such that the index.html file is nothing but a shell, setting up a single column frame in the page and loading into it the first page of the website (intro.html). I was sure to name the frame, but this didn’t seem to relieve the problem. Does anyone have suggestions on what ridiculously simple thing I’ve missed?


David Britt