So, most companies take a day or so to process the order and ship it using the cheapest, slowest method. I purchased something on Newegg on Friday, and what I ordered will be here today all the way from their warehouse in New Jersey! Best of all, I also received free shipping. Their prices are very competitive also.

Their site’s URL is:

I purchased something from them about 4 years ago, and they were great then. They are even better now :slight_smile:

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

Prices are “competitive”? Try “awesome”! Check out this laptop I found this morning! I love newegg hehe.

Wow! Getting something like that from Dell will easily topple $3k. They are like for computer stuff. Their site even looks like amazon and has a lot of the features in the same places hehe :thumb:

While I do like their prices, I got two DOA biostar m7ncd’s in a row from them (newegg), and then went back to mwave. Mwave may cost a bit more, but at least I haven’t gotten anything from them that’s failed/doa.

yes - i am the proud owner of a tshirt…lol - the place rocks

(side note: biostart doesn’t make very good motherboards)

My friends and I always use them. Great place!




holy crap!

yanks out credit card

This site wont load? I keep getting a Time Out error saying it’s not available.

This better not be racisim towards Eskimos! :{

oh thor it’s black and silver you should see its beauty.

maybe i’ll snag one when/if i get that drive.

Snag The Swag!