Newest Project

Hey guys… there’s a business start-up in my area that approached me to help them do a full identity and webpresence for the new company. This whole thing is from scratch, they didnt even have a name when we started…

Here’s the lowdown of the new business: it is going to be a gormet botique located in a downtown area. They are going to be selling all kinds of wine, cheeses, and oldworld style decor… there is also going to be a wine celler for tastings, and they are working with a high end chef inorder to do private parties with food and winetastings. So it caters to a higher-end crowd. I wanted something hip looking and very simple and clean, as I though it would look great paired against all the old world decor and style (think old italy, tuscani etc.). So what we came up with is a wordmark more than a logo with a cleaver name (I think)… the name is “davine” - meaning many things, Divine, The Vine, Of The Vine, etc. it works on a lot of levels.

Here are some of the proofs for it… and I am also having a sign made for them in a metal shop, I’ve included a quick render of my idea in the proofs. Its going to be machined out of sheet stainless steel, mounted a few inches off the brick, then back lit with either tube florescents, or LEDs I havent decided… then part of it will be brush finished, while the other polished (the different finishes would correspond to the different shades of grey in the proofs).

Phew, got it all out… let me know what you guys thing of this first stage!