News article section, display 3 latest on homepage

Hi there,

I’d like to build an HTML/javascript/Ajax site which will be quite basic. menu at top, content in middle etc.

I am trying to find out how I can integrate a news section. Basically, I want to add monthly just one project our company has worked on. This would include 1 picture and a very small amount of text about it.

Then on the homepage, i’d like to just have a smaller version of that news, only including the latest 3 items. Or even better, the user can use a -> to view older news without changing the page.

How easy to do that / or are there some scripts you can point me to ? I am a ‘newbie’ to javascript etc as I work only with Flash, Php and Mysql ! Any help or advise what i should be searching for is greatly appreciated.

On one note, I don’t want to install an entire CMS for the whole website! As i tried that once, drove me mad!