News flash component

ive been working off a tutorial ( - News Flasher) for a news flasher component thats great

i got it in, but when i test it, the only news that is says is “undefined”

ive got the text file (ticker.txt) in the same folder as the .fla file and im telling it that the “path to txt” is ticker.txt

do i need to put a different path?

the text file looks like this:

content=<p align=“center”><b>Common Ground YouthWeb Va.0.1</b></p>
|<p align=“center”> Youth Sunday May 9</p>
|<p align=“center”><u><a href=“” target=“_blank”>Augsburg Website</a></u></p>
|<p align=“center”>Regular Meeting Sunday May 25</p align=“center”></p>
|<p align=“center”>Church Play this Week!</p>
|<p align=“center”><b>Over the River and Through the Woods</b></p>

thanks in advance