Newsletter: Does the world need another book on animation?

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It’s 2017. Creating animations for the web is no longer a new thing. It seems like we’ve been learning about CSS Animations, CSS Transitions, requestAnimationFrame, and other animation-related doodads forever now. Given all of that, why on earth would I write a brand new book that is all about creating web animations?

The answer is simple. While the basic building blocks for web animations have been around for a while, there hasn’t been a whole lot of attention paid to arranging those blocks to create awesome user experiences. This book addresses that. Once we get past the basics, you’ll learn things like:

  1. Using subtle animations to guide a viewer’s attention

  2. Creating smooth sliding menus

  3. Making your links come alive on user interaction

  4. Animating page elements while scrolling

  5. Parallaxing it up like a boss

  6. Sliding content really smoothly

…and more!

All of the examples you will see are thoroughly explained and deconstructed. There is no unnecessary dependency on 3rd party libraries. What you are learning is how to create totally sweet animations in pure (organic, free range, hugged regularly) HTML, CSS, and JS. By the end of it, you’ll have learned how to create animations that run smoothly at 60fps, display nicely on big & small devices, and help make your content tastefully come alive. The book is also tech edited by the legendary Trevor McCauley (aka senocular). What more can you really ask for?

Here are some links that can help you out:

  1. Buy the book on
  2. Learn more about the book on O’Reilly
  3. Ask any question you may have on the forums

If you’ve already purchased this book - thank you! Coffee is on me if you are ever in the Seattle area and would like to meet.

Kirupa :slight_smile:

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Dear Kirupa, I did made that CSS from your last newsletter about transport in 3d and it works! I was really surprised about it. Alas it’s a bit of a puzzle for me to buy the book with Euro’s, but I will get to it soon. Thanks for all your hard work!