Hi all.

I’m a bit of an actionscript no-go zone still, so need a little help if anyones got some time.

To outline.
Building a simple flv display interface, nav loads swf’s (to levels) containing flv playing components to an interface.

All works fine, but I need non timeline-based next/back buttons which will enable me to load the next/previous movie no matter how many there may be. ie there’s 9 movies now, but there might be more later which a non-flash user would add to the correct directory.

I’m happy for there to be a welcome.swf at the beginning, then movie1.swf, movie2.swf, movie3.swf etc etc, then finish.swf to end. The next back would move through the movies no matter how many, then when it runs out, goes to finish.swf.

Anyone done something similar, or know how it would be done?

Any help would be appreciated.