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Ok so I have a working form that concatenates a bunch of variables together(thanks to digitalosophy and njs12345 for their help) My variable called $message ends up looking like this when I send it

Address: blah blah Name: blah blah Phone: blah blah

How do I put line breaks in between them so it looks like this

Address: blah blah
Name: blah blah
Phone: blah blah

if you need the php file itself, its in this forum under the title php parse error

use the < br> tag or

Thank you but could you please be a little more specific? I am brand new to PHP. What would the formatting look like?

$message = "Name :".$name."
" ;

is the line I have now. How would I change it?

PS - On a side not, what are the
tags for?

if the $message variable will be printed on screen with an echo (like echo $message;) in a web page you can use

$message = "Name :".$name."< br>"; 

use the < br> without the space betwen < and b

adds a line break

hmm. Thats what I have now but for some reason it doesnt work.

or try this:

$message= "Name:	$name
Email:	$email
Address:	$address


i got it to work with the br tags. Thanks for all of your help.

no prob:)