nextFrame? What's happening?

Hi I posted some pretty messy fla’s here yesterday and of course didn’t get an answer. Now I have changed it around quite a lot but something is happening that I don’t understand.
What I want to do is fading out a mc, when the alpha is <1 go to the next frame of that mc and then fading in again.
I have a prototype fade that I am applying on the mc located inside an external swf that is loaded into a mcholder on the main stage. My script says:

_root.onMouseMove = function() {, false);;

On the frame of the loaded swf I have:

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
	if (this._alpha<=1) {
		_parent.ram.newxscale = 100;
		_parent.ram.newyscale = 100;
		if (_parent.ram.yscale>=100 && _parent.ram.xscale<=100) {,true);
			delete this.onEnterFrame;

the mc fades out fine but instead of moving and stopping at the next frame it plays through all of them. I checked with my book because I started thinking maybe nextFrame makes the mc keep playing but (as I thought) it says: Sends the playhead to the next frame and stops! Am I referencing it wrong or what is it? Can someone explain? :puzzle: