Nintendo Foot-based Controller

Seems Nintendos not satisfied with their new controller now they made a foot controller named “Kick Stick”.

I applaud Nintendo for trying to be innovative but for some people that are not in shape and spend most of their time driving and working trust me if I play a game with all these things Nintendo is making I will play about 10 minutes and die from a heart attack.

For christ sakes I cant even walk up a 3 floor staircase with a box without almost suffocating, am i out of shape yes, why because I have no time to work out since i drive 4 hours total to go to work and work from 8 to 10 hours a day so there goes most of my day.

Anyways I hope they benefit from all these crazy gadgets theyre making, next thing you know theyll be making games that will actually hurt you for real :lol: