No image?!?!?!

Ok, so I have a HTML/PHP file and everything is normal as far as I can see, even in dreamweaver design view you can see the top image, but as soon as I look at it in IE or FF locally the top image isnt there, is this something to do with cache or something? im not too sure, any help will be much apppreciated.

if your looking at it locally,

a) YOu may not have php installed and running

b) It may be an absolute link to the image not relative…

Can’t really help you much more than that unless you post some of your code

ok well I have tried that and

a) I just tried a PHP script so php is fine,

b)both the php file and the image files (I have two copys a .jpg and .png, tried both) are stored in same folder so the code I used to insert it was just

<div align="center"><img src="banner.png" /></div>

this is annoying me now as my design as CSS based just goes mental.

give it some width and height attributes

Yea, that could, might, probably, help

Ive given it a height and width attribute so now the code is

<img src="banner.png" width="700" height="200" />

And still nothing, no change at all.

what… the… truck…??

hmm thats stranger than strange… walk way from computer come back and bingo works for me :thumb:

well I let this computer rest all night eager to test it this morning only to be dissapointed by the invisible images again.

Ok, I just tried it using html, php changing the type of image, everything and now the image wont even appear on my web-host :frowning:

And just to add more to the confusion it appears fine in the built in dreamweaver design view :frowning:

you image may be saved improperly, like instead of being an actual png it was a psd that you renamed to png without actually changing the file type on the dropdown, when saving it out.

hmmm true, im sure I clicked save for web though, ill try aGain anyway. but then again I have just realised I created it in flash, then exported as image, oh well, Ill try and open it in PS then save again

ok, for some reason uknown to me its now working!

Thank you guys, Im sure one of the things you told me to do was the reason it now works :smiley: