No More Rick James

Man that sucks!!!

I’am Rick James Bi*ch!!!

aww i was gonna say that when i saw the thread :stuck_out_tongue:
o well…


What? why not? Did I miss somthing?

He died today:(

What?!? How? man, that sucks! :frowning:



They say of “Natural Causes” But what does that mean?? I think it is all of those dirty super freaks:)

Lol, his kids think he died of heart failure

oh man. That sucks. RIP

Sad :-/

I feel dumb for not knowing him.

What do you mean?? You don’t know who Rick James is??

I think youd recognise who he is, if not by name then by music or mockery.

One more post 9000 just do it!!!

:sigh: too bad

Natural causes, well I guess cocaine is natural.

“I’m Rick James *****!”

/\ /\

Natural causes, well I guess cocaine is natural


“Coacaine’s one helluva drug”

Cause of death: “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.”
“You have the nicest couch you rich #@#(”



Well, Black History Month mentionees +1.

No, I don’t know him. Maybe because he’s not famous in Belgium? Well, seems I won’t get to know him now either :sigh: