No scale on a movie clip within 100% scaled .swf

I have a quicktime video at 620x480 that I would like to keep sharp and clean with no pixelation or video grain. Unfortunately, the client would like the rest of the movie to scale to 100% (the movie is a flash projector file and is not browser based).

I’m aware of full browser flash option when the stage is set to “noScale”, but is it possible to have a clip that loads into a scaled projector at fixed resolution?

So far my approach is this:

small flash projector file to “embed” flash player. This would be at 100% scale mode. Then I would have the video clip load into the main projector clip (as a .swf). The external clip (video) would be set to “noScale” mode. Would this adhere or would the noScale be overruled by the projector scale mode?

any AS I could apply to make this work??