No sound in published swf on server

Newbie question, can’t find this specific problem in the archives…

I’ve created an app that has lots of audio. The audio is mp3 files.

When I test it (CTRL+ENTER) I hear the audio. When I publish it and view it in the .html file locally (not a local hosting environment) I hear the audio. No problems there.

But now it’s on an actual server and I can’t hear the audio.

Wondering if there is a setting I’ve missed. I have not changed any settings related to audio. I’m actually emailing the .swf file, the .html file, and the AC_RunActiveContent.js file to an individual who has access to the server, and he put them where they need to be. I can see all of the visual content, but no sound. I assume I don’t have to send all of the audio with it, correct?

What do I need to do to hear this audio?