No text formatting in a two column scrollable textbox?

Hi folks.

I need help please. I searched the forums but cannot find anything relating to my query.

By the way, I am using Flash Professional 8.

I tried to create a scrollable textbox, which has two columns, please see attached image (menu.gif).

Unfortunately i have to type out the whole text, even though i have the text already formatted correctly using tables in a html file. Also, why is the keyboard tab button not working within a scrollable text box?? Is there a way to activate it? I have been using the space bar to align text within the textbox. And the alignment is not exact!?

Anyway, when i test (Ctrl+Enter) the movie In Flash 8, the two column text formatting is lost and the text is spread out all over the textbox?? It seems at runtime, the text formatting does not apply?

I have managed to create tables in html which display the above text exactly how i want it. However, how can this html file be imported into the textbox in Flash 8?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.