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Hello, people

I have this domein which basicly means
As some of you might understand, there are countries around that are not so rich as othere western countries. Ecuador is one of them, even if you didnt hear about it, there are stilll children of 6 years old working in mines or sniffing glue because they simply lost there parents and no family left for them to take care of them. There are many more examples however than i would be busy untill tomorrow i think.

Want i would like is for the to be a informative non-commercial website. have something like a news section where people can actually tell there story, and even upload a picture to go with that story. 3 differant kinds of sections, News by siteadmin, News by 3th party, News from the people themselfs, with login. Also a section that not only displays the bad things but also the nice things, kinda like a information section as in a tour guide, fun place to be, what not to do, and all those things.

Any other ideas are very much welcome. Ofcourse shouldnt this site just be for my country. But that is optional. I have a database, preferd to keep everyting in one database, however if needed addiotional db.s can be added.
As i stated before this is a non-commercial website so nothing with banners or whatever might look like that unless its something like UNICEF.

I do not know what i can give in return besides a thank you page for all the people helping with the construction of that website.

2 languages Englisch and Spanish.

If you are interested please leave me a private message, AIM ol4pr0 [email protected]