Non-Democrat/Republican Graphic Thread

[size=3]No more years …[/size]
… is the core theme of this thread.

This is NOT a thread to discuss politically,
not a thread to be hijacked in any way.

[size=1](Just for info: Since this is a thread not for discussion purposes I put it into ‘Random’, not into ‘Ordered’)[/size]


Find and change images/graphics or create your own banners, graphics or images related to the US-presidency-election 2004.

You may ONLY post NON-pro-Bush (i.e. pro everybody else) images containing a certain message, that should be kind of funny (at least for non-republicans),
sophisticated or thoughtful.

Hateful messages and thoughtless swearing or insults are not wanted.

If you don’t share the opinion of the creator of a posted image, DON’T discuss it here,
go to ‘Ordered’-Forum and make your own thread there.

I’ll start:

Have fun!