Noob: Loading ext. swf and manipulating on stage

Okay so this is something I assumed would be simple to do as what I’m attempting is to have the animation of a ‘spinning’ apple in its own SWF load in place on the tree, and manipulate it as such on the timeline to fall and zoom in while rotating. I used the very basic loader as follows:

var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“whiteapplespin.swf”);
var loader:Loader = new Loader()

Now while this works fine for loading and playing the swf in place on the timeline when and where I want it to, I’ve got the issue of a duplicate of this swf loading in full size at the top left corner of the stage. I’m under the noobish impression it’s because I didn’t specify it to go anywhere else, but since I’ve got an instance of whiteapplespin.swf on my stage and acting as I like it to on its own layer called ‘apple’, how can I remove the instance that loads in the top corner?

Help on this would be mega-appreciated…