Noob needs sliding nav .. badly

Howdy - I got trouble…

Ok so I know my way around flash n all, but I’v never done any ‘real’ actionscripting, tho have some javascript expr, so I can hack around a bit.

I need a source for simple (i think?) kind of sliding menu/nav, so if any of you know of one please let em know. I’ll try to explain.

OK so horizontal movie with say 4 gallery icons showing with a left arrow and a right arrow, and I imagine a mask on either side to block out the rest. These icons will be lil thumbs of gallery items, set as buttons, with rollover states and such, probably like 14 or so. Ideally when I mouse over the arrows, the rest of the icons slide in from that side, and then when the end is reached it loops to the beginning (so a continual loop 123456123456123456123456>>)

I’ve attached a gif for visual aid.

I’m pretty sure this is easy but have no real clue how to do it. With a source I can probably break it down to modify, but a tutorial would be boss hoggins.

Thanks in advance for any help on the matter!


Is this what you are looking for? I have not played around enough to see if it will work with buttons…but this should be a start for ya…

Sliding Nav

not quite right, but it might help.
This one stops, I just want a continual pan across until the mouse is off the arrow. Thanks tho.


AHHH…I know what you are talking about now…I have seen it alot and it is a really nice effect, but I have not seen any tutorials on it…sorry…:-\

Hey bp360,
I know exactly what effect you are referring to. The old had it a few years ago. I have been trying to create that effect for quite a while, but I have not been successful in creating a good version. My limited knowledge of AS also does not turn the tide in my favor. I haven’t given up on that effect though. One day I will get it working, and one day I will write about it for everyone to learn :slight_smile:

Kirupa =)

you might want to try something like this…