Noob - Simple Q about Properties

Hey, noob here trying to map my PHP sensibilities onto AS3 with only some luck.

I’m making a flash video player and I have a basic toggle play/pause toggle switch (mov. clip with 2 frames) with a superimposed big Play button over the video image for when the video is paused. There’s an if/then statement that links the alpha channel of the big Play to the state of the toggle switch. That all works great.

But currently, the toggle switch starts with ‘pause’ showing and I just have some code that initially sets the big play button alpha = 0.
I assume that If I ever changed the autoplay to false, things would be messed up.

So I’m wondering if I can create an if/then using the net stream property of currentFPS-

something like this:
if currentFPS of the NetStream is not equal to 0
then toggle_switch.gotoAndStop(pause)
else toggle_switch.gotoAndStop(play)

Questions: Is this a smart idea? and How do I call the currentFPS property and get it into a variable?

Lots of love,
the noob