Noob with Image gallery

Hi there,

Im a noob.

I know many of you have heard my problem 1000 times. I did do a search. I have looked thru the tuts.

Speaking of which, I know kirupa’s tuts on image gallery were made with mx2004 and other versions. Does it still work with cs3?

I’ve looked at the posts with image galleries. My god, some of you are amazing! I can only dream of being so creative and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work guys and gals.

I want to make a gallery, a huge one in fact, 40 or 50 images big. I tried doing this in the timeline making every image mc, but my file is huge!! I think im going about it very wrong.

I seen one site where they had thumbs on the bottom and then u would click it and then the larger image would then load even with a loader bar, so it not being preloaded the original swf wasnt heavy.
Is this possible for a noob like myself to do?