Nooooooobbbbbbbieeeeee site!

Hope you like, it’s under construction still though…
i’ll repost it once i add more nice stuff.
please feedback, feeedback, please.

hey this is pretty good for a newbie!!

Although, the update box acts funny when opening and closing it… :-\

:frowning: wahhh,

i just changed my update box and added stuff. But i’ll upload it later.


[size=1]2 script errors upon opening…I personally have no tolerence for
that, so I closed it.

Let me know when it’s fixed and I’ll take another peek.


uh, i don’t have any visual errors. so i wouldn’t know what you mean. Unless it’s the loading bar! I don’t know what the problem is. sorry. So, it’ll never change.

I didn’t get any script errors FLUX…

It worked fine with me…