Not able to get the lines inside scrollpane

I am not able to get the lines drawn inside the scrollpane when I am doing it in a multi frame file.
It would be more clear if you see the fla(MX 2004 format)
You will find that the lines when keep on growing in the horizontal direction finally crosses the screen.
Also, all these lines are visible everywhere. If you click on Help or any other TAb, you can still see those lines which shouldnt be the case.
Please just help me in two things

  1. What do I do so that the lines are visible only in the Graph part(frame)
  2. I want that the horizontal graph should automatically get inside a scrollpane after it is about to cross the screen.

There is nothing to code, just that I am not able to get the movie clip inside the scrollpane so that the resulting lines get drawn inside the scrollpane.

As the file is quite large, I have kept it at a gmail account
username: flash.passion
password: passion
Please, please do help me