Not able to trace the input text field

Hello all,
I have an input text field that is created in the .as file.
I want to then take that data and add it to another text field.
When I trace the data alone it works, but when I try to trace the data after it has been put into a string to use for the other text box, it can’t seem to find it.
Any ideas? I’m trying to get the data of InputNumber after it’s been added to the YSN string
Here is the code:

var tf:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
tf.color = 0x452028;
tf.font = inputFont.fontName;
tf.size = 14;
tf.align = “center”;

var inputNumber:TextField = new TextField();
inputNumber.type = TextFieldType.INPUT;
inputNumber.defaultTextFormat = tf;
inputNumber.height = 23;
inputNumber.width = 89;
inputNumber.x = 370;
inputNumber.y = 387;
inputNumber.restrict = “0-9”;
inputNumber.maxChars = 5;

// YSN = your savings number
var YSN:String;
YSN = “$” + inputNumber.text;

trace(YSN); // traces the “$” sign and thats all
trace(inputNumber.text); //traces the “input of the user”

Thanks for your help!